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Ecological Survey Planning Permission for Developments

What is an ecological survey for planning permission?

An ecological survey is conducted to analyse the ecology impact of a proposed development on the flora and fauna, including habitats and protected species, in the site. It evaluates the overall ecological implications that the development might cause and recommends measures to mitigate any negative effects.

Before the construction of any development, various surveys and reports, including a preliminary ecological appraisal (PEA), must be completed. The PEA examines and evaluates the potential impact of the proposed development on the local ecosystem and ensures that protected species and habitats are taken into account while submitting the planning permission.

Conducting an ecological survey also prompts developers to adhere to relevant environmental laws and regulations. If any protected habitats or species are identified during the survey, developers will be required to create mitigation and compensation plans.

Ecological surveys for planning applications typically include two main components: assessing the possible impact of the proposed development on the local ecosystem and suggesting measures to reduce any adverse effects on the environment. Additionally, an ecological desk study is one of the primary elements of an ecological appraisal.

ecological surveys for planning applications

Why do you need an ecological survey for planning permission?

An ecological survey is needed prior to submitting planning applications if there is a chance of pre-existing protected habitats or species on site. They are also required if the development has the potential to impact any future biodiversity. Ecological surveys are commonly used during the due diligence stage in connection with an acquisition or property merger.

Ecological surveys can also help to determine whether further specific surveys need to be undertaken such as protected species surveys, habitat surveys or ecological impact assessments.

The optimal time of year to conduct ecological surveys for planning permission is between the spring and summer months as this is when wildlife is most active.

If you are unsure if you require an ecological survey, then pre-application discussions with the local planning authority and local record centres can advise if survey work will be required.

Why choose Collington Winter?

As an experienced ecology consultancy, our team at Collington Winter Environmental are well equipped to carry out all manner of ecological reports and detailed surveys for planning proposals.

Our Ecology Director, Olivia Collington, has many years of experience in the field of Ecology. Olivia has worked with protected species across the UK undertaking ecology surveys. She is also experienced in report writing, creating scientific reports for submission at planning.

We also offer Landscape Architecture Services to all locations of the United Kingdom.

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