Do I Need an Environmental Impact Assessment?

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a systematic process that evaluates the potential environmental implication of a proposed development project. The EIA process can help identify strategies to mitigate or avoid negative impacts and enhance positive outcomes for the development on the environment.

An EIA is typically required for major development projects or activities that have the potential to have a significant effect on the environment. Local planning authorities will often take an EIA into consideration when deciding whether to grant planning permission following a planning application.

Do I need an Environmental Impact Assessment?

In the UK, an EIA is required for certain types of developments that are likely to have significant effects on the environment. Examples of projects that require an EIA in the UK include:

  1. Major infrastructure projects: This includes the construction or expansion of airports, ports, highways, railways, and power stations.
  2. Large-scale industrial projects: Industrial installations such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and waste management facilities may require an EIA.
  3. Extractive industry projects: Mining operations, quarries, and oil and gas exploration activities may trigger the need for an EIA.
  4. Urban development and construction: Certain types of residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments may require an EIA based on their size and potential impacts.
  5. Renewable energy projects: Large-scale wind farms, hydroelectric power schemes, and biomass power plants may require an EIA.
  6. Waste treatment and disposal facilities: Landfills, and hazardous waste storage sites may require an EIA.
  7. Agricultural projects: Intensive farming operations or changes in land use that could have significant environmental effects may require an EIA.

In addition, local planning authorities may request for a scoping opinion to determine whether a project falls within the scope of an EIA. The responsible planning authority or environmental agency should be consulted for detailed information and guidance regarding the need for an EIA for a specific project in the UK. Further information can be found in The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations.

How can Collington Winter assist?

If you require an EIA and are looking for some advice regarding what should be included in an environmental impact assessment, then our team of Ecologists are on hand to assist you. They can also provide a screening or scoping opinion on your project.

Our Ecology Director, Olivia Collington, is a highly professional Ecologist. She is passionate about ecology and has vast amounts of experience in providing ecological services. This includes advice on environmental impact assessment regulations and environmental statements (ES).

Please contact us today for more information at or call the team on 01204 939 608.

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