Discharge of Planning Conditions: How we can assist

What is condition discharge?

Instead of refusing a planning application, a local planning authority may grant planning permission on the condition that developers will abide by specific planning conditions as part of a decision notice. The planning conditions attached control and limit the way in which the planning permission can be implemented. Pre commencement conditions can even be imposed before developers are able to start work on a project.

Planning conditions are often associated with environmental factors as they aim to mitigate any adverse effects the development may have on the environment. These environmental planning conditions are typically associated with flood risks, contaminated land or excessive noise.

If project developers do not provide significant evidence that the proposed development will not impact the local environment, local planning authorities may refuse to remove the planning conditions that have been imposed upon them. This can cause regulatory complications, costly rebuilding or remedial work and significant time delays and disruptions on site.

At Collington Winter, our experienced ecologists can assist those who are seeking an application to discharge planning conditions on their proposed development. We can provide environmental assessments that can be used as evidence in the application process. An application for approval of details reserved by condition may also be required if a condition in a planning permission or a listed building consent requires adequate details of a specific aspect of the development.

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Discharge of conditions: Our process

When conducting an environmental assessment for a discharge of planning conditions application form, our ecologists use a simple and clear process. Initially, when you contact us, we will discuss your case and ask you a few questions regarding the planning conditions imposed and any other relevant details.

Then using the information that you have provided to us, we will conduct the environmental site assessment. Our ecologists will assess and investigate the site to ensure that there are no environmental risks in order to provide the necessary information to obtain the condition discharge.

Once the site assessment has been completed, we will create an accurate report that will be written with a planning case officer in mind. This report will contain any important information that will help to prove that the site is environmentally safe and compliant. This is so that the planning conditions can be deemed discharged in an application for approval.


How can Collington Winter assist?

 If you would like to find out more about discharge of conditions applications and planning conditions requiring environmental mitigation, contact us using the form below. You can also contact our Ecology Director, Olivia Collington, via email at info@collingtonwinter.co.uk.

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